Finding local joy

I am doing OK, what about you, how are you doing?

Simple things. Always simple things. I focus on them.

Today, I cycled down a road I’d never cycled down before. It was raining but I returned revitalised. My legs needed the movement, my lungs the fresh air, and my mind the clarity.

A stranger had given me directions and big smile, at a distance. I waved at another as I passed by their garden, and they waved back. These small connections can go a long way.

In the morning there was meditation. An attempt to stay with the present rather into the past or future. Though the thoughts were wild this morning, more than they normally are. That’s OK. I am only watching. I do my best.

I wrote for a few hours too. This, and part of a chapter in a book I’ve been writing about happiness. I volunteered my skills for the sake of a project about building togetherness. It helps me feel useful.

For lunch, I cooked soup – fresh ingredients. For dinner, there was a veggie Shepherd’s pie to assist in cooking. Must take care of what goes in this body of mine.

I helped de-worm the cats I’m living with. I called a friend for a check-in. We all need support. No matter the situation – I feel grateful that there is more openness to support and get support these days.

I’m reading books on tree and bird identification. I know the difference between a crow and a rook now. Still learning. Another book about a man who spent 5-years exploring a 10-mile radius in Dartmoor. Still inspired.

Difficult things. Often difficult things. I focus on them.

Not every day is like this. Sometimes I just feel sad. Sometimes there is worry. Nothing wrong with that – mental health and wellbeing needs to acknowledge the full range of emotions.

And I see the limits to feeling joy too. Inside and out. The way the environment is designed to ensure I keep consuming when really I don’t need to. Must face my habits and addictions.

I am trying not to give myself a hard time. I do my best with what I have and what I know. Just like anyone.

The small local joys are there. Perhaps they can be better than the faraway ones over there. I am rooting in, less scattered. I do need more hugs than I’m getting though. I’d like more certainty about the future. Nothing is certain, I have now.

***here is a related post I wrote several weeks ago on finding happiness whilst housebound

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