Cycling to Bhutan – A little bit of news

It’s 18 months since the unhappy happiness researcher that I once was completed his fateful cycling journey to Bhutan. That’s about as long as the journey took in the first place. Yet, to both my surprise and joy, people still get in touch to find out more about that curious journey.

Over the last few months the journey has had, not one, but three bits of media coverage. There was the German cycling magazine (apparently it reads really nice in German), a TV debate and discussion show called Roundtable, and just lately a BBC radio show called People Fixing the World. All worth a read, watch, or listen…I think.

I’m pretty stoked to be honest. It keeps me inspired to keep penning away at the book I’ve been writing – A Journey for Happiness.

And the book is coming along nicely too – a full working draft now. I’ve been sending it out to a few folk to read – that feels vulnerable, but then that is at root the happiness journey – stepping out into the world with clear knowing of what needs to be done, being vulnerable, and finding support along the way.

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