Let’s “us-publish” a book on happiness

There is a fantastic book about happiness here ready for you to read. It’s been ready for a while and here is how it will find its way into your hands.

You’ll have to help though. Because this book, A Journey for Happiness, is going to be us-published.

No, not self-published, because that is not in keeping with what the book is about, but us-published.

The publication of this book is going to be crowdfunded.

The publishing journey so far. . .

I’ve spent the last year or so trying to publish by traditional means. I’ve sent it to about 15 literary-agents and about the same number of independent publishers. The feedback has been useful and I thought I’d gotten close at one point. It’s been tiring. And lonely sometimes too.

In the meantime, I’ve edited the thing countless times and I think it is about as good as it can get. I’ve also had a few reassuring whispers in my ears from fellow writers and happiness legends. It’s just a shame it’s not been picked up by the traditional publishing route.

Or is it? Maybe it is not such a shame.

The biggest reason I wanted a traditional publisher was so that having done what I’m best at doing, the writing, I could then turn it over to the publishing professionals and they’d lead most of the rest. That would have been too easy, and happiness doesn’t come like that. It never does. . .

Publishing this book is an opportunity to enact one of the most important learnings from the book. That a journey for happiness is always best shared with others rather than individually pursued. If our attempts at happiness are not community grounded, then it is unlikely whatever good that comes will be sustained. The journey to Bhutan on a bicycle was never a solo project. I got there with the help of thousands.

The us-publishing plan

At the moment we (a small team and I) are working toward launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance the publication of A Journey for Happiness. There are videos to make, articles to write, a promotion strategy to get ready. We hope to launch the crowdfund in October and publish the book in March

Around mid-September we will unveil the book cover that is being professionally designed.

The crowdfund will last about a month. We need somewhere around £4,000 to make it happen. We’ll need at least 250 pre-ordered books. We’ll be pushing for 500. It’s a solid read and will appeal to anyone interested in happiness.

Your help will be needed. If you are enthusiastic about this book, and I know many of you are, then we hope you’ll support the crowdfund by pre-ordering the book when we launch. We have some options for supporting that we think you’ll really like.

Also, if you want to get more deeply involved, because you’ve got talents that could be useful for crowdfunding or book printing then get in touch.

I can’t publish this book alone. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. . .


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