A week of pause – we linger near the top

“I was glad I’d decided to let go of reaching the top that day. After all this was supposed to be a journey about happiness, not achievement. Too often the two get confused.”     

Christopher Boyce, A Journey for Happiness

It’s been quiet this week on the Journey for Happiness crowdfund. As I write, we’re at 96%, and its been lingering around that amount for several days. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking the target would have been hit already given the stonker of a first week we had. Yet, for the last few days, I’ve found myself secretly hoping that when I check the crowdfund page that the goal hasn’t quite been reached. I’m enjoying being nearly there. It’s so beautiful. It’s something to savour.

Plans are helpful, but so is letting go of them as things change

There was a promotion strategy planned for the whole of October. This was a now or never type crowdfund and the plan was to go hard on getting the funds before the crowdfund ended. However, we’d never expected to get so close so quickly. At first, there was no question whether to keep pushing or not as we had originally planned. Of course we should.

Yet, what is the actual rush? What is it we’re after?

Get the target and then some. Keep going. Build on the momentum. Capitalise on the success…

That’s the sort of thing we tell ourselves and each other far too often – that happiness will come when we get just beyond where we are. But, once we arrive, what then? Onto another goal? Another mountain? Another country? For a bit, I saw myself nearly losing myself in that one once again.

Staying purposeful by pausing and checking in

Happiness will come through having a clarity of purpose, having a destination in mind that is deeply meaningful and takes us beyond the self. A destination that allows us to keep pausing and checking in to ensure where we’re tyring to get remains meaningful, whilst also appreciating that ultimately we don’t really need to get to that place at all. Not really. Cosy-up and enjoy where we are.

That first week took a lot of energy. A little too much, and I lost sight of a few important things. I took some rest. Let’s push it over the line in the next few days and see what happens from there. I’m happy. Thank you.

And now for a little treat – check out this previously unseen video of what I was thinking and feeling when I finally arrived in Bhutan

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