Into the final week – read on for a gripping incentive to share!

“One of the best books I’ve ever read on happiness….gripping and thought-provoking”

That’s what someone has said on both Twitter and Facebook!!!

Admittedly that someone was me, but once you get the book I’m sure a fair few of you will agree! Not least, my Dad, because he’s never read a book about happiness…

A curious week

It’s been a curious week on the Journey for Happiness crowdfund. On Wednesday, one single person ordered 22 copies. It was no error, since he emailed after ordering 2, and asked if there was any way he could get 20 copies without having to do it 20 times over.

Odd that you can’t order multiple quantities on this crowdfund platform. What’s the deal with that Indiegogo? We didn’t realize, so we’ve now created perks to get a multiple number of books in one go – 2, 5, & 10 copies (20 still needs two orders of 10 – limits to Indiegogo). So, step on up, it’s possible to get the 20 you wanted now!

We also had our first “happiness article” perk selected. The only perk that has had no takers since the beginning of this crowdfund. Surprising? A German cycling magazine, “Radtouren Magazin”, are going to cover the journey. I’m sure you can’t wait to see that!

Plus, there has been discussion about doing A Journey for Happiness talk at a curious school down in Berkshire. It’s not 100% confirmed yet, but it’s looking very likely. Hopefully, confirmation will come through today or early next week. Once it is confirmed there will be just 2 of the 5 “public talk” perks left!

A little incentive to share as we approach the final week

We’re nearly into the final week of the crowdfund. As things stand we are at 210 pre-ordered books, with 115% of the target. It’s done. It’s happening. But can you help us achieve 300 books? It is possible, and below is a little incentive for you to help make that happen.

Some may have noticed that an excerpt from the book has still not materialised. Though, we have come good with a few videos. So check out this week’s video: Day 314, Arizona. Witness a sincerely happy man.

But, about 30 minutes after this video was taken, the 3rd scariest thing from the entire journey happened. Do you want to know what that was? Well, if/when I get enough shares of this tweet on Twitter and/or this post on Facebook – let’s say 40 combined in total, more if you like, I’ll share the excerpt from the book that describes what happened after that video.

Gripping indeed…

Christopher and The Team

One comment

  1. Wow my son well done ,it’s going to happen can’t wait for that 1st copy signed by you great stuff all the best Dad xxx


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