The final push…just 3 days left

If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy of A Journey for Happiness then now is the time.

And if you have, then help us share it.

The crowdfund is live for just 3 more days. After that, there may never be an opportunity to get this incredible book again. Never ever…well, there probably will be somehow, but that’s not going to jive people up to act in this moment now, is it?

So, let’s see what we can do over the next 3 days. The financial target was long ago reached, but it would be really nice to get up to 300 books, as that would help us when it comes to printing. We’re on 240 books. That’s 60 more, just 20 a day…there were 28 pre-ordered on day one.

Share this on Twitter, this on Facebook, and this on LinkedIn – all three if you like. We can do it!

A treat…

Those that have been with us from early on will know these updates come with a video. This week we have a real treat for you.

Though, it might turn some people off completely, and have them wishing they’d never signed up in the first place. But you’re here now, and we thought it worth the risk in these final days.

So here it is – the alternative crowdfund pitch. This is what happens to a very serious academic when they go on an epic journey for happiness. Enjoy.

And then, of course, share it…take the opportunity to properly embarrass Dr Boyce.

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