1200 books to arrive soon

The news we’ve been waiting for is finally in – the printers tell me the books will arrive on my doorstep early next week.

Next week!

The book about a journey completed nearly 3 years ago is about to be realized. Time to get excited. Very excited!

Everything else is already here

All the packaging, the mugs, the postcards have already arrived. And, oh you should see the postcards. It’s a real shame I printed only enough of them to meet the crowdfund demand, because they look seriously nice and I’d have loved a few for myself.

The mugs are cool too, and we’ve a couple spare to meet our tea and coffee demands over here. Those that selected the book, postcards, and mug combo will be smiling more than most when the book arrives. Which at this point should be about the time I said it would. I just need to sit down, warm up my hand for those signatures, and get packing.

Some 900 remaining books

Other than that, the book is now available to pre-order from my website. Somehow, we need to shift the rest of these books. Maybe it’s a bit of a risk to have ordered so many, and I’m definitely down on budget as a result, but I’m confident there will be more takers as the months and years progress. I’m hoping that once you’ve read it you’ll be ready to tell your friends about it.

And some of these talks I’ve got lined up already – Ireland, Stirling, Berkshire – might bring a little more interest. Plus, over in some of the German speaking countries, there are a few articles and podcasts about the journey on the cards….

And finally a cool video you may not understand

I’ve shared this video a little bit elsewhere, so some of you may have seen it already, but this one is peak Christopher. I honestly don’t think I will ever be this cool again. Seriously.

It appeared on Mexican TV…so unless you speak Spanish you’ll probably struggle to understand the video – I don’t even understand what is being said anymore and I was in it (at least I think that was me).

But don’t let not speaking Spanish stop you watching it. Every time I watch it I still smile, because visually it’s pretty good. There are some details worth watching out for – cycling in flip-flops (and if you look carefully you’ll see that they are not quite matching flipflops because whenever my flipflops broke I used to just used spare ones I found laying about the road), suncream not properly rubbed into my face with specks my clothes, and the tattiest pair of shorts you ever did see on a cyclist. And let’s not forget my clear love for tortillas…

In joy – all ways x

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