The book is out – help share this journey widely

We got there. A few weeks of packing and posting, and now the sun streams through my window and I feel joy to think quite a few people now have my book in their hands. I have put something beautiful into this world and my heartfelt thanks for all of your support along the way.

But do you have your book yet?

The book was financed by a crowdfund that was run back in October 2021 and if you contributed, yours should be well on its way. Hold tight – postal delivery speeds vary.

If you didn’t catch the crowdfund, then it is still possible to get this book about The Man Who Cycled to Bhutan here.

Feedback so far has been very positive. Last night, someone told me “I really thought your book was excellent. The balance of your academic knowledge and personal story wove together in a wonderful telling.” And then in my inbox this morning I received this…”well I can say you’re a great writer after reading the first couple chapters…”

But help me take this journey further – shares, reviews, some talks lined up…

The only way to get my book is via my website, so if you haven’t picked it up yet you can do so there. If you have it already then direct people there if they are interested. However, I’d love some specific help with the following:

Any shares?

Please feel free to share information about, quotes, or pictures of the book – either in person or social media. If you do share on social media could you include the website link to buy the book and either tag me in or use #JourneyForHappiness. Also, it would be great if you were able to share/retweet/like some of my own posts on social media. Check out the following posts on Twitter, Facebook (pinned post), and Instagram and engage with them in any way that feels right for you.

Any reviews?

I’d love to hear more about how you found reading the book. So if anyone has any thoughts then please share them (via comments on this page or the shop page would be nice). I’d love to hear anything – less positive reviews are, of course, also very welcome too – maybe the journey didn’t do it for you, and I’d love to hear about that if so, as I do hope to journey more in the future and write about it.

In fact, does anyone want to do a critical review. One that they’d be happy for me to share. Or maybe you know someone who might be able to do a review? Perhaps you have a journalist friend who would be interested in getting something into a newspaper or magazine…

Want to see me talk about the journey?

I’ve already got a few talks lined up – so far one in Stirlingshire (Scotland), Galway (Ireland), Berkshire (England), Scottish Borders (just a cycle ride away from me) – and there are others being discussed – maybe one in Glasgow, and in Galloway …I’m open to set other talks up too. I’ll share more about these talks soon.

Thank you and happy reading (maybe in a beautiful spot in the sun)

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