Media, public talks, and consultancy

I give media interviews and public talks, and work as a consultant helping organisations develop their wellbeing strategy. I am also a freelance writer. Get in touch if you want to work with me in any of these areas. Below are some examples of my previous work.

Working with the media and giving public talks

My work on happiness and wellbeing regularly appears in the popular press and I always enjoy sharing ideas to live audiences on radio, television, and in person.

Throughout the years my research has appeared in international print media. The best examples include reports of my research in Time and Scientific American. I’ve also given radio and television interviews, including contributing to the BBC’s Brainwaves.

The journey for happiness that I made to Bhutan on a bicycle has also been widely covered. For example, whilst on the journey I appeared in The Times, I did several radio interviews, and I was on television in Mexico, Thailand, and Bhutan. Since my return my journey has been featured in the BBC radio program “People Fixing the World” and on television in TNT’s Roundtable. There have also been a few articles in print media and a couple of podcasts.

I am happy to give public lectures on any aspect of my work – my research, my cycle journey to Bhutan, or both combined. Examples of previous talks I’ve given blending my research and my journey can be found here and here.

Helping organisations develop their wellbeing strategy

Wellbeing has become a major international policy objective and organisations need an effective strategy to ensure they are contributing to wellbeing. I have been working with several organisations to help them report in line with international wellbeing frameworks (see for example this Scottish Land Commission piece I worked on in collaboration with Biggar Economics). This is novel work and our team have been developing experience in this area that we want to share with other organisations.

I am also involved with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WE-ALL) and have written some articles for them, including this one on Understanding Wellbeing.

Freelance writer

I am always writing about happiness and wellbeing, whether it be for my own blog or for other platforms, such as, The Conversation, World Economic Forum, and Independent Online.