Openness to connect with all souls on route to Bhutan

Yesterday morning, I departed from Edinburgh – it’s been a few weeks of perhaps too many goodbyes. With much sadness I’ve left my flat, I’ve left my people, I’ve left the self as I once knew it, but with courage in my heart I’ve stepped forth into a new way of being.

And so it was that I found myself on a relatively quiet train to London taking those initial moments to connect with my-self and wondering about the long needed journey ahead and all the human souls I might connect with.

Then at Newcastle train station I was gifted pure joy as two young families boarded the train – and suddenly there are 4 children joining me at the table I’m sitting at with striking openness and excitable pleasure about the world around them. And to my own delight they seem to be inviting me to join them in their world of play.

There goes my quiet reflection time. But what a powerful reminder of why I’m on this journey, and it’s just begun, a chance to connect, to share with these little beings the pleasure of what it is to feel alive. I suddenly have a chance to share my story. I get to witness with joy children fascinated by a man about to cycle in South America, and eventually to Bhutan.

I didn’t think I’d have such a touching experience to write about so soon. But then why not, these experiences are possible all-ways…I’m ready and waiting with a big touch of openness to what is before me, and that is what this journey is all about. One step, one connection, one happy sharing at a time, on route to Bhutan.

To London with happy children1
Sharing a joyous journey with Ivy, Nancy, Beau, and Edie


  1. You touched the lives of our children and they have talked about you often over this weekend. We will share the story of ‘Christopher on his bike’ with them as you go, hopefully they will learn your message of happiness as they listen.
    We wish you the whole world of happiness and love in your journey xxx


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