So alone…and deeper into a journey about happiness

Long flat roads that run as far as the eye can see, a hot sun beating down on dry arid land, rarely another soul in sight. . .for several days on end. Perhaps this could make for a great deal of boredom, suffering, and unhappiness. . .

Yet this past week cycling through the desert in North Mexico has brought with it a level of contentment that is unrivalled since this journey about happiness began.

Perhaps it is because there has been little to do other than look inwards – to work on loving and accepting self. Perhaps it is because when people are seen there is just that little bit more appreciation for the connection. Perhaps it is because of the felt freedom to be. Perhaps the tranquillity. . .

There is so little, yet so much. Each moment with more clarity, and seamlessly allowed to flow on into the next. No-thing expected. The heart sings as a bird sings. The rise and fall of the moon watched each night from a humble home.

Honoured. Privileged.

And this hasn’t cost much. . .this kind of happiness never does.


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