This happiness adventurer is always rolling!

The journey could hardly be said to be over. I am still on the bicycle with my #AdventuresInHappiness sign still hanging proudly on the back, and when I stop there always seems to be a curious soul wanting to know something of my story.

There is more power than I imagined in the story of how this unhappy happiness researcher found his deep happiness.

Yet, as I pedal about these lands that I love the most and connect through the happiness stories that I share and hear, the nights are drawing in and the air gets fresher. I can’t stay on the bicycle for too much longer.

I should write a book; they have been saying, ever since I got back. 

I will need help for this book writing project – crowdfunding and house-sitting

Lately I have been thinking more seriously about how I might write that book – about the happiness journey based around my experiences cycling to Bhutan. And the idea of hunkering down for the colder months and working solidly on this project seems like it could be a very worthwhile use of time and resources. There is the hope that others would get something of worth from it too. Quite a few have said they would.

However, I will need help.

Over the next months I am going to set up a crowdfunding campaign so that I can generate funds to cover my living costs and, if I don’t find a publisher, the costs of self-publishing. I won’t need much as I live pretty humbly. But I’ll need something. And then I am hoping to meet my accommodation needs in exchange for home and pet-sitting – people go away and of course things need looking after.

Crowdfunding campaign to launch in October

This is to keep you updated – over the next few weeks I will be preparing my crowdfunding campaign to hopefully launch in October.

On the look out for home and pet sitting opportunities

I’ve also got my first pet/home sit next week and that will be a good chance to get myself organised. I will be on the look out for other opportunities too. If anyone needs this happiness adventurer to look after their home and pets while they are away then please get in touch? Check out my profile on House Sitters UK.

Keep this journey about happiness rolling!


  1. Good call on the house sitting! And on the book. I’ve been thinking along the same lines for myself on the subject of grief, loss of spouse, traveling solo but not alone:). You have an important story to share.

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