Media round up of Cycling to Bhutan

That journey I made on a bicycle to Bhutan – it was a curious one. Enough to make it into the news on more than a few occasions.

There was of course the physical journey – cycling to an obscure country that many haven’t heard of. That was interesting in itself.

But, on top of that, there was the person doing that cycling. A man who’d spent more than a decade developing a career in happiness research, only to discover that career didn’t allow much time and space to do all the things he knew were good for his happiness. . .very curious indeed. . .

There is of course now a book about it all. But in this post I want to share some links to some of my favourite news reports about the journey. Dip in if you like. . .there are lots of insights.

BBC World Service – People Fixing the World

This was a really well-crafted piece. I was interviewed by Richard Kenny, who used my journey to launch into a round the world exploration of what’s happening across the world with regard to happiness. It’s not just me – other experts too.

Why did I quit my job researching happiness – The Independent and elsewhere

I wrote this article mid-way through my journey. It originally appeared on The Conversation, before The Independent picked it up and ran it. Worth a read – the book I’ve since written goes far deeper.

The Times

It was a surprise to find myself in The Times. It wasn’t the best story. They did what most media organisations do, led with a negative rather than focus on the positive. Still, it was The Times.

Radio Valley Bhutan

I’ve done quite a few podcasts now, and I think my favourite is the one I did when I arrived in Bhutan. It’s right after the journey finished, so my thoughts are fresh and raw. . .body was very tired though, but you can’t see that. The sound is a bit grainy – that was them.

I did also do some TV in Bhutan. I’d love to have seen it but I can’t get hold of it.

German speakers love me

There have been two or three reports in German magazines about my journey. And very nice they were too (I’m told). I can’t understand them, and probably you won’t either, however, I there was a podcast spin off for one of them – Ride With Passion. Worth a dip into. If you give it a full listen, you’ll learn about the sort of music I like.

Other notable podcasts I did were with The Earthly Delights (James, one of the guys interviewing me, has since become a very dear friend, so this one is special to re-listen to for me) and with Mahmud Islam, who has now interviewed quite a few happiness experts (none of those experts have cycled to Bhutan though like me, so they’re not really experts).

Some television

There have been a couple of bits of TV. When I got back I did this for TNT’s Roundtable. And there was this one in Thailand.

My favourite

My all-time favourite news report will always be the one when I was riding peacefully along and some Mexican journalists sprung out on me. They loved my journey. My Spanish was okay by then and so the put together this short piece. Even if your you don’t speak Spanish, it’s worth a look. You’ll get a sense of what’s happening and you’ll also get to see just how cool I can be.

And that’s the media round up. . .so far. Maybe they’ll be others, one day. . .

*** If you’d like to learn more about the journey to Bhutan on a bicycle then consider getting the book.

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