The book that breathes connection – do you have yours yet?

When it comes to happiness you won’t go wrong by prioritizing connection in your life – connection with your-dear-sweet-self, to others, to the entire fricking universe…

And that’s the ultimate conclusion we get to in my very curious book about happiness…

Not in those words, of course, because there is an epic 20,000km road-rolling cycle journey to Bhutan to get us deep into that conclusion. I assure you.

(check out the prologue if you’re not yet convinced)

It didn’t happen like that…

I never expected that the book itself would in the end be a whole-hearted embodiment of connection. I’ll tell you what I mean.

The book didn’t go down a traditional publishing route. I was pained by that for a while. Validation was a big part of it. The other part was that once I’d got all those connecting words down on paper, what I was hoping for was someone who knew about the publishing world to come along and drive things forward in a way I didn’t think I possibly could.

I’d sit back (relatively speaking, of course), saying “yes” or “no” to crucial decisions, on route to what would be a beautiful book that thousands would want to get their hands on… I smile at the thought of how much easier it might have been than it was.

In tune with the depth of the journey

The book journey ended up being just as testing as the cycling journey that the book was based upon. And it turned out that what was important for finding happiness on my cycling journey, was the key to getting the book out into the world. Yes, you guessed it, connection.

I had no knowledge of how to get a book printed. There was no publisher-savvy guidance on key issues like the title, the cover, or the back of the book blurb. No previous editing experience, or any idea of what makes for a good professional editor. And even if I had known, there was very little money to make any of this happen either.

Opportunities to connect in

But what an opportunity for connection it turned out to be. I let crowd wisdom help guide important decisions, there were friends old and new with expertise that I never knew they had coming forward, and then there was of course the success of the crowdfund (I even personally hand delivered 90 of those copies). This all created and furthered connection…that’s the whole point, isn’t it?   

Examples of tweets that helped me make decisions…

Still possible to connect in

And even if you weren’t involved until now, you wouldn’t be able to get the book without connecting in at least a little bit. There is no anonymous ordering through Amazon or some other online book store. No “clever” marketing strategy to reel people in. Just word of mouth, people reaching out and connecting.

I have definitely forgone sales, but if that fosters more genuine connection in my life and others then I don’t care. I’m certain that connection would have been lost in the leap towards making a marketable book. What is it about commercial ventures that make them so inherently disconnecting? My book will go some way to showing you why…showing you that there are other ways.

If you want the book then there is either via my website or a few local shops where I’m known personally…it is all about simple connection…make what you do all about that.

*** You can buy the book here and I’ll get your copy packaged up and off to you as soon as I can.

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